Jan 19 • 1M

How To Stop Crying

Have you ever googled this?


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Andrea Gibson
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Hi Everyone,

I’m just getting over a bad cold. One night, around 2am when I couldn’t stop hacking, I Googled “how to stop coughing” and it autofilled to“how to stop crying.” The fact that millions of people search “how to stop crying” every day makes me want to wrap my arms around the whole world. Makes me feel relentlessly tender about what it is to be a human being.

Can you imagine how different our society would be if we interacted with everyone we encountered with the assumption that their most recent online search was how to stop the flood of their own tears? How it would soften our voices. How much more natural it would feel to prioritize kindness. How we would lean more instinctively in the direction of knowing, really knowing, we are in this life together.

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