Hey Dreamboat. I’m so happy you’re here.

My name is Andrea Gibson. I'm a spoken word poet who can't stop quoting my therapist. I travel around the world speaking my poems out loud on stages. I’m the Poet Laureate of Colorado. I write about lovemental health, and social justice. I am queer and non-binary and write poems about that too. I have published seven books and recorded seven albums and my books have won Independent Publishers Awards and been Good Reads Choice Awards finalists. I have three rescue dogs who boss me around. I cry in public at least once a week. I collect political t-shirts, panic attacks, and poems about the moon. In the end, I want my heart to be covered in stretch marks.

I’d love for you to join me. ❤️ Andrea

Why ‘Things That Don’t Suck’?

In June of 2021, I committed to a new writing gig: a newsletter titled ‘Things That Don’t Suck’. A couple weeks later, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. “What a terrible time to have a job trying to write about what DOESN’T suck!” I thought. And then immediately after, “Actually, this is the perfect time.”

Writing, connecting with others, and shifting my lens toward gratitude has always been a crucial part of my healing. And now, it’s more important than ever.

Why subscribe?

There’s enough bad news on your timeline. Things That Don’t Suck subscribers of all levels can expect a digital bouquet filled with flowers that bloom on the bright side. Meaning I write essays, stories, poems, songs and pep-talks that help you notice the silver linings, and hunt for the truffles of joy in this sometimes muddied life.

Why become a paid subscriber?

The paid subscription will include extra posts where I bring in more vulnerability, playfulness, and personality. 

Paid subscribers will receive:

  • my more vulnerable and intimate content. the poems that are still blushing. 3am musings typed with my thumbs. stories I'd be more inclined to reveal in a game of Truth or Dare

  • writing prompts

  • behind-the-scenes looks into my writing process and my life

  • private community chat group

  • audio readings featuring my buttery voice (vegan butter)

  • interactive Q&A

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  • every post (not just the occasional free ones) & full access to the archives

  • feelings, lots of feelings

  • pep-talks, hope-chests, snort-laughs

Your support will be a big part of setting up this beautiful space and co-creating the community we want, together.

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Colorado Poet Laureate, author & performer. I write about love, mental health, and social justice. I collect political t-shirts, panic attacks, & poems about the moon. In the end, I want my heart to be covered in stretch marks.