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I'm Allergic to Christmas

How Cancer Changed My Relationship To My Gender

New Perspectives on Heartbreak

When We Don’t Realize We’re Trapped

A Poem I Wrote In The Middle Of The Night

The High-Heeled Shoe That Saved Lives At Club Q

Gratitude Lists Didn't Work For Me

When Nostalgia Causes Us Grief

Want To Evolve Quickly? Try Vulnerability.

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The Most Fertile Lands Were Built By Volcanoes

The Definition of Love

Mental Health Tip From Space

‘Cancer The Sequel’, One Star Review

How To Be Your Own Biggest Fan

I Love It Here

May Our Last Words Not Be, ‘I’m Sorry’

Lessons From Chemotherapy

You Will Not Get Everything Done

My Dogs Know The Secret To Healing

Awkwardness Is My New Drug of Choice

Do Squirrels Like Poetry?

I Stopped Waiting For Awe To Find Me

Don't Cry, Andrea

I Got Engaged!

The Great [And I Mean Great] Outdoors

What Does Self-Love Feel Like?

Don’t Take The World By Storm

How To Stop Waiting

Playing The Cancer Card

On Accepting What Is

Don't Show Up To Your Dream Half-Assed

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life

Nothing Ruins Today Like Tomorrows Existence

The Gazillion Benefits Of Gratitude

Letting Go Of The Stories That Do Not Serve Us

Keep The Novocaine Out Of Your Wisdom Teeth

How To Hold Nothing And Have Everything

When Outrage Is A Flower Grown From The Seed Of Love

There’s A Frog In My Garage

The Many Benefits Of Swinging

Undoing Our Codependency, One Butterfly At A Time

Love Is A Classroom

I Made A New Friend. A Squirrel

The Cost of Call-Out Culture

I Am The Conductor Of The Symphony Of My Life

10 Quotes To Celebrate Pride Month

Gospel Salt

You Are The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Time Traveling Back To My Childhood

Our Overwhelm Is One Of The Greatest Weapons Of The Alt Right

The Hand I’ve Been Dealt

I'm Going On Tour!

I Gave The Commencement Speech At My Former High School

Why There’s A Smoothie In My Slippers

How Cancer Helped Me Love My Body

A Free 30 Minute Reading to Uplift Your Spirits

A Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring And Found It 13 Years Later Growing On A Carrot

Forgiveness Is Like Spring Cleaning For My Psyche

We wrote a poem together!

The Healing Benefits Of Awe

Mental Health Tips For Activists

I Wrote a Children's Story

The Honeymoon Phase Is Not Always A Mirage

Happy Mother’s Day

“Don’t Let Anyone Say I Was The Best At Anything”

Intuitively Trusting Our Own Voices

The Joy Of Conquering Our Fears

Loving Those Whose Lifespans Are Far Shorter Than Our Own

A Tour Of My Tattoos

Consider This My Two Weeks Notice

Let’s Write A Poem Together

Famous Last Words - A New Poem

April Is National Poetry Month

My Partner Caught Me Cheating [with the moon]

A Cow Is Born

The Perks of Being a Fool

I Don’t Laugh At Myself. I Laugh With Myself

My Dog Is My Favorite Person

What I Love About Internet Trolls

Staying Alive Is Romantic

What Does An Unbroken Spirit Look Like?

How To Make A Four Leaf Clover

The Longest Love Poem I’ve Written

Why Art Is Not Frivolous, But Necessary

Let's Become Quicksand In Reverse

A Bucket List Of Literal Buckets

An Interview Between You And You

We Are Watercolor, Not Pointillism

Imagining A World Where Everyone Is Born Famous

Poetry Lines Can Be Life Lines

Scream Timber When They Ask How You Are

And On The Eighth Day, God Invented Cuteness

Before I Met You My Joy Had Such An Early Curfew

What Doesn't Suck About Being Ghosted

Music Is Emotionally Manipulative

What I Mean When I Say My Heart Has Melted

Your Wisdom Is As Unique As Your Fingerprint

Doing Away With Small Talk

A Letter To My Dog, Exploring The Human Condition

I Got My Driver’s License Almost Thirty Years Ago, But I Still Listen To Olivia Rodrigo

Imaginary Friends For Adults

She Cut The Earth’s Crust Off For Me

How A Writer Decides What To Write About

Questions Inspired By The Backward-Aging Jellyfish

Navigating A Suddenly Unfamiliar Body

Love Doesn’t Live In The Shallow End